We are Loyalty Vibes. We believe that you should never feel less than 100. Your clothing and style should always help you feel fresh and confident in who you are. 

Loyalty Vibes is an Urban Clothing Company with a street style vibe who has strived on delivering the best quality in Urban fashion for over a decade. Our brand is dedicated to inspiring you with a unique style to express yourself.

We are a Colorado company that is owned and operates from the heart of Colorado. We proudly print and ship all of our products out of Colorado Springs with a small, seasonal location in Aurora. 

Loyalty Vibes was originally founded in 2010 under the LKZ Foundation for Suicide after, losing our younger sister at 18. The aftermath of Suicide became the foundation on which we rebuilt our lives. 

If, you've lost someone to suicide, you know just how messy and devastating things can be. The struggle of wanting to give up and let go and trying to carry on. However, as things began to change, we began to learn and grow and the struggle was no longer about survival.

It then became about loyalty, trust and betrayal. The hustle and grind of each day became the motivation to not let life knock you down. Since, then we've realized our company no longer fit with the growth of who we had become.

It has since grown to become a bigger empire than, what was expected. We faced many growing pains and changes throughout the years as we adapted with the several growth sperts and experiences. In August of 2021, we decided it was time for a change and a new makeover. So, we decided to rebrand with a fresh look and vibe.

You will discover top styles in Urban fashion, men's clothing and women's fashion styles from the roots of Colorado. With the latest in trends and culture clothing from every streetwear subculture and everyday styles in streetwear fashion, accessories, sneakers and more. 

You should never have anything around that makes you feel anything less than your best self.

"Wear Your Vibe"

Celebrating 10 Years Of Service - Loyaty Vibes

Thank you for celebrating 10 years with us! We couldn't have done it without you and we are excited to share this epic moment with you! On behalf of our entire team at Loyalty Vibes - We personally, "Thank You" and continue to strive to better serve you!